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Валерий Бардун успешно представил алкорамку на Дне города Минска-2019, на проходившем там байкерском фестивале HOG. Добровольное тестирование прошли тысячи людей, исследуя принятое ими на фестивале пиво и др. напитки .
О нашей алкорамке  - в центральных белорусских СМИ:
 tut.by      и sb.by

Many will think correctly:
“A cool thing for a boss, because in Belarus, even if one cow will dirty, criminal cases will be opened. And then productivity will also increase with alcoframes, and tenants can be charged with big fine ...”
Others, erroneously: "And so it will become hard to find people for work ..."
So, absolutely vice versa, our vast experience and the proposed setting of reactions to cases with an alcoframes will allow us not to be afraid to hire, and also to change the mentality of the team ...
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Alcoframes -

is an intelligent modern method of testing.

Laser spectral analysis is the most advanced technology

that has no analogs in the world. Instant accurate data and flexible incident management are its valuable advantages.

Alkoframes are practically unlimited in terms of their operation, do not require regular calibrations, consumables. Thus, laser alcoframes pay for themselves very quickly in comparison with all other, slow electrochemical ones, which are often completely disconnected ..

Product certified

Conducting a voluntary alcohol testing with a laser alcoframe at the international “Brest Bike Fest 2019”, where up to 10 thousand motorcyclists regularly come, eliminated accidents with accidents, as well as the traditional deprivation of driving license of many dozens of bikers, as happened in previous years.

"Guys, you are just wizards, with this laser alcoframe of yours!"

Kripinevich Aleg “Nissan”  GoldWing Club Belarus 

The installation of alcoframes at the LMZ Universal enterprise in Soligorsk allowed to drastically reduce the possibility of injuries and improve the quality of work of the plant’s staff.

At the same time, turnstiles with installed alcoframes successfully cope without creating queues during shifts of a large enterprise.

"We are very pleased with the alcoframes, I recommend you all - cool stuff!"

Vitaly Prilisch

- deputy security service

At power plants, the absence of the slightest human error when working with unsafe electrical equipment, where negligence cannot take place, is especially important ...

When installing high-speed laser alcoframes, the power engineers provided care for the staff, and also set an example of automating the reliability management of the entire complex energy system.

Minsk Heating Networks - a branch of the MinskEnergo RUE

about Us

We have a huge experience (since 1996) of creating and managing large complex enterprises (more than 500 people), in terms of design, production, installation in the most extreme area - the Belarusian construction sector. We have to organize the automation of the management of multi-profile holdings. We integrate our systems with access control, video surveillance. We have experience in conducting major events, including the use of voluntary alсotesting visitors for effective advertising at festivals. We will provide positive PR brands: food manufacturers, beer, etc. ...


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